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ZIP-WAY Orifice Plate and Flange
Orifice plats is a differential pressure type primary device used to produce a fluid flow restriction in a pipeline. The differential pressure across the orifice plates is proportional to the square of the fluid velocity. Orifice plates are best used in clean non-viscous fluids. The most common primary flow element is the concentric paddle type orifice plate in combination with flange union.
  • Type of bore: Sharp edged concentric orifice
  • Rangeability: 4 to 1
  • Nominal pipe sizes: 1/2” ~ 24”
  • Accuracy: ± 2 ~ 4% of full scale
  • Plate material: 304SS, 316SS or other
  • Plate thickness: 1/8”,1/4”
  • Flange rating: ANSI #150 ~ #1500 RF, JIS 10K ~30K RF

  • Service: liquid, gas and steam
Product Data Sheet ZW07

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