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ZIP-WAY Averaging pitot tube

Averaging pitot tube Flowmeter

ZIP WAY ZW120 series


The venturi tube is a differential pressure producing flow device that is used to measure flow rate through a pipe. Pressure difference between the pressure measured at high pressure connection and low pressure connection is proportional to square of the flow rate through the flow device. It is often used to measure gas, liquid, steam, and dirty fluids. Venturi tube has less pressure loss than orifices and nozzles. Upstream straight pipe requirements for venturi tube are less than orifices, venturi nozzles and flow nozzles.
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ZW120 The averaging pitot tube is a differential pressure producing flow device that is suitable for liquid, gas and steam flow measurement in pipes and ducts. ZW120 series is a self averaging pitot tube with multiple sensing ports on both the up and down stream sides of the sensor.
  • Sensor material : 316SS
  • Pipt size: 2” to 40”
  • Typical accuracy: +-1% of FS
  • Sensor mounting: 3/4", 1"& 1-1/2": NPT or flange
  • Mpunting hardware material: C.S., 304SS, 316SS

  • Service: liquid, gas and steam
Product Data Sheet ZW120