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Mobrey Boiler Water Level Controls
Mobrey originally entered the industrial boiler control market in 1923 with a range of steam operated equipment. Since that time the range has expanded to cove most aspects of control associated with the boiler house. Products range from electro-mechanical level devices to sophisticated electronic energy saving products that form a major step towards the fully automated boilerhouse. These reliable products are described in greater detail on the following paged and each carries the quality and service guarantee synonymous with the Mobrey name.
  • Save - Time, Money, Inconvenience
  • Conforms fully to PM requirements
  • Uses existing wiring and chambers
  • Inherently stable
  • Instant reversion to hand control in emergency
  • Modulating valve in feed line
  • Suitable for automatic cold start conditions
  • Used for all pumps capable of operating against a closed discharge
Product Data Sheet BP100

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