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Dry Products Level Switches

Kansai Capacitance Level Switch
The Model ALN is the versatile Capacitance Type Level Switch that can detect the level of sediments in liquid, interface between two different liquids as well as the level of high-insulating powders/granules, conductive liquids/viscous liquids and others. It is one of the highly efficient detectors which KANSAI Automation Co., Ltd. has developed to ensure a correct level detection under such conditions requiring the high technology as varied measuring materials, complex/harsh products and so on.
  • ALN a product with 24VDC can be ordered
  • Pressure at Electrode 980kPa
  • Power supply 110V or 220V AC
  • Power consumption 4.5VA
  • Delay time setting Max. 10 seconds

  • High sensitivity 0.5-20pF
  • Standard sensitivity 2-50pF
  • Low sensitivity 20-1000pF
Product Data Sheet C-054-0906E