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KANSAI KF-600 Electrode Level Sensor

Electrode Level Sensor

KANSAI KF-600 Series


He robust housing and various electrode materials of the liquid controller make it possible to measure various liquids. Materials of the case and flange can be selected (KF-650). The diameter and material of the electrodes and the other components can be selected (KF-650). The electrode diameter is φ6 only but the material can be selected (KF-660N/677/688). High-temperature and high-pressure specifications (KFB-640).
KF600 Level Sersor (501 KB)
Liquid control made of varied electrode materials in a sturdy housing can be applied to a variety of liquids.
Combined with an amplifier (commercially available product), the liquid level of a conductive liquid can be detected depending on whether or not a minute current is being applied between the electrodes.

Diameter of Electrode ψ6/8/10/15/20 mm
Possibly variable by +-50mm
Electrode rod is basically an unspliced bar
Electrode Material 304SS, 316SS, 316LSS, Titanium, Hastelloy C & B
Housing material PVC, SGP, 304SS, others
Coupling arrangement is possible (in case of longer rod)
Withstand pressure type can be available
Option: Housing, Flange/hot-dip galvanizing
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