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NOHKEN FP Pneumatic Liquid Level Sensor

Pneumatic Liquid Level Sensor



The FP series cover the wide range of applications. The FP-1A, with a neoprene diaphragm, is for general usage. The FP-1S, with a Viton diaphragm, is for corrosive atmosphere. The FP-3, with neoprene diaphragm, is for cost effective. The explosion proof, FP510, is also available, which is approved as flameproof construction (d2G4) by Technical Institute of Industrial Safety (TIIS), Japanese Ministry of Labor.
PF IP6070 (57 KB)
The FP series pneumatic liquid level sensor is a diaphragm actuated sensor. They are designed for use in high viscous liquids. The moving part is only diaphragm, which is not contact with the liquid, moved by the compressed air inside of pipe and chamber.
  • Low cost point detection
  • Simple installation
  • Electric power not available
  • Pipe length to 5000mm

  • Pipe joints should be airtight by applying a paste sealant
  • for shipswater tank
  • Water storage tank with large water inlet waves
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