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ZIP WAY PF780 Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge

HOUDEC 810 Series


The magnetic level gauge type 810 enables the direct reading of the levels of either aggressive or dangerous liquids in tanks, in the open air or under pressure. Based on its construction, this device ensures a good accuracy, excellent reliability and greater safety of use. A float fitted with a magnetic core follows the variations in the level to be measured.
IP50466 (1.8 MB)
Welding is prohibited. If welded connections or fastenings are required by the equipment definition, these must be produced by qualified personnel, using recognized operating procedures and the required materials, meeting current standards. Grinding, cutting or heating are prohibited on any parts of the equipment which are subject to pressure. Make the connections using seals suitable for the fluid contained and the type of connection required. For flanges, make sure the seals used are new, compatible with the seal contact pattern and the service pressure and temperature
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