Company Profile

Company Profile

   We prode ourselves in applying our enthusiasm and creativity, to meet the high demands of our customers and provide professional and technical service. Zip-Way professionally develop and make flowmenter products for industry, including, Venturi Tubes, Orifice Plates and Flange, Averaging Pitot tubes; iron and steel works, industrial waste incinerators, and sewerage disposal works ect. In recent years, we have taken steps in the production process to ensure automation, environmental and measures, for the needs of the market, mainly engaged in industrial instrumentation and instrument calibration. Sales agnets in United Kingdom, France, Japan. The products are operating level, flow, temperature and pressure.

    Kingdom Mobrey process instrumentation has provided industry with reliable measurement and control of liquids, gases and dry products for more than 100 years. This broad range of high quality products is designed for optimization of plants and processes through monitoring and control of level and flow.

    French ATMI Usually called float level switches, the level switches, the level regulators and the level detectors are different kind of categories of devices made by ATMI, for more than 40 years based on the float system. For liquids as well as for solids and pulverulents, you will find at ATMI the float level switch that suits your need for your regulation in pumping stations of all sizes, in domestic or industrial cisterns, for level detection in industrial tanks with narrow-access for example, even for application with explosive risks.

    The company philosophy is customer-oriented, with the most sincere attitude towards customers. So whether your company's products or if you have any questions please call you to (07) 8158579 or E-mail to, we will be the fastest speed to answer your questions, Thank you in advance for care of the company.