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Ultrasonic Liquid Level Transmitters

Mobrey Ultrasonic Sludge Blanket Level Control Systems
Ultrasonic technology can be used to detect and monitor sludge interface and suspended solids. Two ultrasonic transducers acting as transmitter and receiver are built into a sensor for mounting in a settling tank. The gap between the transducers and the frequency at which they operate is selected to suit the particular application. The resultant measurement is virtually unaffected
by vibration, temperature, viscosity or the color of the slurry.
  • Control features:
    - High or low level sludge blanket alarm
    - Automation for primary sludge discharge
    - Hazardous area approval
  • Top mounted tank sensor
  • Simple calibration

  • Water treatment sludge
  • Industrial slurry processing
  • Mineral ores
  • China clay
  • Sand slurry
  • Coal tailings
Product Data Sheet IP250