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Float Level Switch

Kansai Float Level Switch
It is a compact version of KAPI float switch. It is a quality float switch spec-ifically good for level control of purified water and for an alarm system. Because the buoyancy of KARI mini float switch is not forceful (2N about 200g), use KARI float switch for wastewater containing solids.
KARI float switch has a strong buoyancy. (6N about 600g) This force helps detect liquid level of not only wastewater containing solids but also other liquids under adverse conditions.
  • Rated voltage 250VAC 3A
  • Allowed temperature 55℃
  • Cable material PVC standard 9.5M
  • Size Height 170mm Φ 155mm
  • Float material PP

  • Clear, clean liquids, rain water
  • Wastewater, sewage water
  • Level control of multiple pumps
  • Overflow or dry-running protection
Product Data Sheet FK-040-0811E